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Ikenna is Editor-in-chief at The Late Wire. He is a freelance writer, poet and social commentator based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves philosophy and science, and writes about faith, worldviews, and the latest hot button issues. Email him at ikenna@thelatewire.com

Richer Countries Are Less Religious. So What?

We don’t have to lose our religion in order to become a wealthy society

Is the Idea of Human Progress a Myth?

Our cities may brim with economic opportunities. But they are also madhouses, ugly concrete jungles that make us stressed out and depressed.

Is the Idea of Government a Fraud?

Government runs society. That’s what you have been told. It’s received wisdom. You have believed this perhaps since your guardians explained it to you as...

How to Make Human Objects

You think it's fine to rip fetuses out of their mothers. But you’re fired-up about saving abandoned babies. You shout ‘human rights’ from the top...

No, Faith is NOT Illogical

Here’s a quote from a well-known preacher in Nigeria: “The Bible is a faith book, not a textbook. You read it with your heart, not...

#EndSARS: Nigeria’s Youth Should Exit the Reality TV Mode

On Saturday, September 28, Toni Astro, a software engineer, alleged that he had been assaulted and extorted by members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad...

Nigeria’s Poverty Problem is a Ticking Time Bomb

In the midst of the reprisal attacks that have followed the latest outbreak of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, a troubling face of Nigeria’s...

God Isn’t Under Any Obligation to Bless Nigeria

“God bless Nigeria.” It’s the prayer of the patriotic citizen, said casually as a greeting, or uttered with the firm belief that God is actually...