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Thousands in Global Climate Strikes Demand Urgent Action to Tackle Climate...

Africa is said to be the most vulnerable continent to climate change and the one with least readiness to tackle it. 

Running or sitting can affect your heart shape and heart disease...

A new scientific study shows that running or sitting can affect people's heart shape and risk of hypertensive heart disease

WATCH: Man says South African Wife Fears Visiting Nigeria Over Xenophobia

Nigerian man says his South African wife fears visiting the country for fear of being attacked over xenophobic attacks.

NWABUFO: Where are Sowore, Ohimai, Dadiyata?

Why is the Buhari administration dutiful in making political prisoners and exiles? @FredrickNwabufo on the whereabouts of Sowore, Ohimai & Dadiyata

NWABUFO: As Nigeria Lose Citizens to Xenophobia, Has South Africa Cursed...

The fact is, no country will respect another country, whose citizens are killed, stripped of dignity and material possession in its territory, and there is no definitive response from the assaulted nation.

Science study confirms there is no ‘gay gene’

The largest scientific study ever to analyze the genetics of homosexual behaviour has confirmed there is no single 'gay gene'

NWABUFO: On Ekweremadu and the Stones Awaiting Others

Ekweremadu has been deputy-senate president for eight years. But the question is, in what way has his exalted position being of benefit to the area or the region he represents? What development has he influenced to the section?

Skill acquisition program for girls in Northern Nigeria ineffective, report says

A report by the Development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) has described as ineffective the vocational skills program offered to girls in Northern Nigeria as a pathway to empowerment, agency, and poverty alleviation in order to combat child, early and forced marriage in the region.

Eating Less Meat can Save the Planet, says UN Report

Eating less meat and more plant-based diet can help save the planet, a UN report on land use and climate change has said after discussions in Geneva, Switzerland.

NWABUFO: Buhari’s Cabinet, To Be or Not to Be?

A president is as good as his cabinet; this is the reason competence must supersede every other value item in the check-list.


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