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Tunmise is a contributor to The Late Wire. He is a Law student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He has keen interest in Law and its consequential effect on policymaking. He currently serves as the Director of Information at Liberation Chambers. Email him at tunmise@thelatewire.com

A Letter to Mr. Skepticke

My Dear Skepticke, For so long I have desired to write you my immediate reaction to the recent news of your conversion to non-believing apostasy;...

The Pantami Debacle: Why You Should Be Concerned

"should we conclude that the Nigerian government has knowingly harbored a self-proclaimed ally and sympathizer of the most notorious Islamic terrorist groups in the world...?"

Malami Has A Puzzling View On President Buhari’s Powers

Many have criticized Buhari following his refusal to appear before the Joint session of the National Assembly on the aftermath of Boko...

Can Nigeria Afford Another Lockdown?

There are grimmer impacts that cannot be accounted for. Many have lost their jobs, crime rates have increased while many more are battling depression from economic and social uncertainties.

Should Christians Participate in Politics?

Politics can be as dirty and ugly, just like other highly sensitive but essential institutions that seek to uphold the tenets of justice and equality in the society.