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APC Lawmaker Faces Backlash Over ‘Disconnected’ Tweet

Akin Alabi
APC Rep, Akin Alabi (Source: PM News)

APC Rep. Akin Alabi (Oyo) faced backlash on Sunday for his Tweet responding to the sacking of the Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, with users calling on the lawmaker to look in the mirror.

“Waste of 3 years. Aided by many of you here,” Alabi wrote. “Dear next Super Eagles and Manchester United managers. Your job is to win trophies. No excuses. That is the only language I know,” he added in another Tweet.

Alabi’s words did not go down well with several Nigerians. Here are some top responses:

Gege (Co-host of Nigerian Politics Weekly Podcast): An APC legislator is talking about wasted years in football? Meanwhile the Buhari you support has squandered the future of Nigerian youth? I have never seen a thing like this before…..

TèmilOlúwa (@Temphiz): You and your party have wasted 6 years of our lives. You’re at the forefront of the wasted years

Jide (@babaj1de): Buhari [has] wasted 6yrs aided by your party

Harri Ferrarí (@HarriFerrari_): Can say the same for APC administration.

Et Tu (@Fejiro___): If we ignore the years, it could easily be a sub for either Ole or Buhari.