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The Late Wire: A Brief Introduction

The Late Wire is a news and commentary website covering stories and themes in politics, religion, and science.

But the commentaries also cover things related to these primary fields: hot-button social issues, international affairs, legal matters, technology, and economics (especially where these intersect with the primary fields mentioned earlier).

Why The Late Wire?

There’s a paucity of incisive, ideas-driven commentary on today’s pressing issues in Nigeria.

While there are numerous news outlets, it’s hard to find one that lets us understand how the news stories or pressing social issues affect us as individuals, and as part of a wider world.

This is a big hole. In our country, most people don’t have a conscious, coherent way of analyzing and understanding the big issues of our time (or the mundane ones). We can’t articulate our beliefs properly, can’t explain why we believe what we believe, and can’t defend the positions we take on various issues with clarity.

In summary, most Nigerians have a gap at the worldview level. And it’s telling in the quality of conversations we have around the issues that matter- it’s generally poor.

The Late Wire exists to fill this void.

We’re taking an informed, critical and constructive look at the big aspects of social life- politics, science, religion, and others – and coming up with the right questions, the right talking points, and (hopefully) the right answers.

Nigeria needs this. The world needs this. It’s our way of asking everyone to pursue an examined life. To question their reality. To seek answers. To find the right answers. And to live by those right answers.

So we will be doing this through writing, and via podcasts as well.

Our stance here tends to be conservative (as opposed to liberal). But we’re essentially for logic and truth.

By ‘conservative’ we mean an approach to social issues that doesn’t simply do away with established order of social relations and understandings of who the human person is.

And because our worldview is essentially Christian, our analysis of the issues reflect a Christian viewpoint, without wavering.

So we don’t simply lean in the direction of ‘new ways of thinking’ (i.e. liberal thought) just because they’re growing in popularity. We stand for what is logical and true. And we believe that our (essentially Christian) worldview is the right and true one, and thus needs not change with the times.