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Manuel is the Managing Editor of The Late Wire. He was previously the content manager of Naija Gospel Radio and editor of Lefkosh. He holds Masters degrees in Biochemistry, Media & Communication, and Theology. He enjoys reading and playing tennis, and writes about culture, faith and science. He is also the host of Into Books Podcast and Conversations with 'Manuel. Email him at manuel@thelatewire.com

Christ is Risen: So What?

Christ is risen: so what?—he is King and we must submit to his authority.

Western Donors Push For Abortion In Africa

Obianuju, who is leading the fight to withstand the onslaught against women and families, believes that these billions of dollars will continue to be poured into Africa.

Nigerian-born Physician Announced Florida Surgeon General

Nigerian-born physician, Dr. Joseph Ladipo, is the new Florida Surgeon General and Secretary of the state's Department of Health.

US Military Killed 7 Afghan Children In Failed Drone Strike

The U.S. military announced on Friday that it killed 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children, in a failed drone strike in Kabul on August 29.

Renowned Surgeon Ben Carson Praises Nigerians In The US: “They Are...

He argued that it was impossible for Nigerians to succeed in education and business if the U.S. was blatantly racist.

Abortion Is A Moral Issue

Public health, reproduction freedom, and reproductive justice are few of the 'glowing' terms used by the media to obfuscate what abortion truly is: the murder of an unborn child.

Nigeria Needs Strong Institutions, Not Strong Men Making Promises

In his new year's message to Nigerians, President Muhammadu Buhari continued his litany of rendering promises to his fellow countrymen. This time he dismissed...

Christian Genocide In Nigeria Being Ignored – Obianuju Ekeocha

Obianuju revealed that mass burials have become frequent in the region with the latest being that of 23 people killed recently.

Kobe Bryant’s Death Reminds Us Of Life’s Brevity. But Is That...

Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna died in Sunday's helicopter crash.

The President Is Pushing The Limits Of Presidential Power

If power and governance is to be that of the people, an understanding of the human nature grounded in reality purports that no single individual should have the faintest means to usurp power.