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Richer Countries Are Less Religious. So What?

We don’t have to lose our religion in order to become a wealthy society

A Letter to Mr. Skepticke

My Dear Skepticke, For so long I have desired to write you my immediate reaction to the recent news of your conversion to non-believing apostasy;...

Problematic Notions Of Femininity In Christianity

A few months ago, an online personality Solomon Buchi, the self-acclaimed 'king of feminism', dissociated himself from secular feminist institutions because he was of...

Should Christians Participate in Politics?

Politics can be as dirty and ugly, just like other highly sensitive but essential institutions that seek to uphold the tenets of justice and equality in the society.

Christian Genocide In Nigeria Being Ignored – Obianuju Ekeocha

Obianuju revealed that mass burials have become frequent in the region with the latest being that of 23 people killed recently.

Maraji exposes society’s deep-seated ignorance about religion

On Monday, Twitter exploded after Instagram Influencer and comedian, Maraji, shared a post on her Instagram story with the culturally controversial statement