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Western Donors Push For Abortion In Africa

Obianuju, who is leading the fight to withstand the onslaught against women and families, believes that these billions of dollars will continue to be poured into Africa.

US Press Secretary Refuses To Discuss Biden’s Abortion Policy

The new White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, has avoided directly commenting on the Biden administration’s stance on abortion. She dodged questions put to her...

Abortion Is A Moral Issue

Public health, reproduction freedom, and reproductive justice are few of the 'glowing' terms used by the media to obfuscate what abortion truly is: the murder of an unborn child.

How to Make Human Objects

You think it's fine to rip fetuses out of their mothers. But you’re fired-up about saving abandoned babies. You shout ‘human rights’ from the top...

WATCH: Documentary Uncovers How The West Is Pushing To Legalise Abortion...

Strings Attached visits African countries where abortion is illegal, to talk to women who have had abortions offered by an international abortion.