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Manuel is the Managing Editor of The Late Wire. He was previously the content manager of Naija Gospel Radio and editor of Lefkosh. He holds Masters degrees in Biochemistry, Media & Communication, and Theology. He enjoys reading and playing tennis, and writes about culture, faith and science. He is also the host of Into Books Podcast and Conversations with 'Manuel. Email him at manuel@thelatewire.com

The Attack on Free Speech is What’s Wrong with Nigeria

It is not surprising that leaders who engage in systematic rigging of elections and vote buying, thereby eliminating another right of the people to freely elect their officials, are seeking to dictate what they say, hear and read.

President Buhari’s Trips And Our Political Hypocrisy

In the midst of the numerous problems facing the nation: insecurity, hunger, unemployment and many more, the president's safest bet is to take more time away from the country and his supporters egg him on

How Extra Testosterone Enhances Female Athletic Performance

It remains unclear what this study means for elite female athletes such as South African Caster Semenya who has a condition that produces high testosterone. 

Onitsha Fire: Time To Stop The Outrage

Whether it is Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano or Kaduna. The refusal to take real actions to address real situations will only lead the people to a colossal wreck.

#SexForGrades: A Cold Room In A Cold Society

If sex is something more than a means of transaction then we ought to treat it with the seriousness it deserves which means every abuse of it be dealt with forthright.

Nigeria At 59 And Promises At 59

Since 1960, October 1 has been a day to remember for all Nigerians. Maybe not all find it worth celebrating as challenges abound but...

Buhari, Where Art Thou?

Ironically, days leading to the 2019 General Elections, the president addressed the nation, which raised serious questions about his priorities.

Science study confirms there is no ‘gay gene’

The largest scientific study ever to analyze the genetics of homosexual behaviour has confirmed there is no single 'gay gene'

Tribal Shaming is Great. Why Don’t We All Get in Line?

Igbos on Twitter now have to use the hashtag #NotAYahooFraud to announce what they do for a living and inform everyone that they are not Yahoo frauds.

Skill acquisition program for girls in Northern Nigeria ineffective, report says

A report by the Development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) has described as ineffective the vocational skills program offered to girls in Northern Nigeria as a pathway to empowerment, agency, and poverty alleviation in order to combat child, early and forced marriage in the region.